Kavli Programs

Grant and Fellowship Support

1. Kavli Fellowship Fund

The Kavli IFN has allocated funds to bridge the funding support in NSF and NIH training grants awarded to students in their third or later year working in Kavli laboratories. These grants do not cover the full cost of support, Kavli funds will be available to make up for the difference in support up to the total costs for an in-state graduate student. To apply for funds, send your notice of award along with a statement from the graduate program detailing the total costs for a student to Shelley Green

Community Activities and Support

1. Kavli Education Fund

The Kavli IFN has established a $75,000 education fund to provide support for visitors, symposia, courses and other educational activities that benefit the community.  Applicants may apply for funding up to $10,000 per activity and everyone in the community. Students, post-docs, and faculty are welcome to apply. Kavli Education Fund Application

2. Kavli Faculty and Student Service Award

The Kavli IFN has established a Neuroscience Service Award to recognize one faculty and one student who go above and beyond in their service to our neuroscience community.  The faculty member receives $40,000 in funding and the student receives $10,000.  The faculty award will be chosen by a committee in September of each year and is presented at the annual Neuroscience program retreat.

3. Kavli Seminar Lunch

Kavli funds support a bi-weekly lunch where Kavli IFN faculty present their research to the community in an informal setting where questions are encouraged. This provides an opportunity to learn about ongoing work at UCSF and the National Labs and to develop new collaborations.

4. Kavli Trainee Activity Funds

The Kavli IFN sets aside $20,000 per year to support student and post-doc activities.  These activities will require pre-approval for reimbursement and payment. This funding supports programs such as Brain Talks, Brain Coffee and Research in Progress and other activities.

5. Kavli Faculty Retreat and Workshops

The Kavli IFN will hold a biannual faculty retreat to bring together members of our community from UCSF, LBNL and LLNL. 

6. Kavli Young Faculty Mentoring Group

The Kavli IFN supports quaterly meetings of young faculty and senior faculty advisors to discuss all aspects of running a lab, including career development, grant writing and mentoring. If you are a young faculty member and would like to be included in the mentoring group, please contact Shelley Green.

Core Facilities

1. Kavli-PBBR Fabrication & Design Center

The Kavli-PBBR Fabrication and Design Center, located in Genentech Hall, room 107, provides high resolution 3D printers, machining tools, electronics support and the help of a full-time design engineer, Dr. Eric Lam. The Kavli-PBBR Fabrication and Design allows laboratories to quickly design and create new devices for their experiments and will help train the next generation of scientists in computer aided design and device fabrication.

2. Center for Advanced Multi-Photon Microscopy

The Kavli IFN supports the newly created Center for Advanced Multi-Photon Microscopy (CAMM).  The center was founded by Dr. Graeme Davis and has expanded to include several multi-photon and spinning disk confocal microscopes. All of these systems are assembled on upright microscope platforms to facilitate work in intact organisms, including image analysis in the awake behaving rodent. All imaging systems are constructed with potential for integrated electrophysiology and micromanipulation. We are in the process of updating one of the systems with the most advance Coherent laser, enabling imagine deep into the mammalian brain. The concept is that each microscope system could be temporarily modified to enable a spectrum of experiments. The creation of a multi-photon optical imaging center enables users to enter and keep pace with the ongoing revolution in imaging probes and technology, lowering the entry barrier to this type science, which is normally prohibitive. Kavli funds are essential to sustain the core facility and enable the core facility to achieve the widest possible utility for the greatest number of Kavli faculty.


1. Kavli Diversity Program

The Kavli IFN supports two Summer Research Training Program SRTP students as well as faculty visits to undergraduate campuses to encourage members of underrepresented groups to apply to this program and to UCSF graduate programs.

 Student Support

1. Kavli Neuroscience Graduate Student Support

The Kavli IFN will support partial cost of up to one second year International students per year for the Neuroscience Graduate Program.

2. Kavli Bioengineering Student Support

For 2020-21, The Kavli IFN will support the full cost of up to one first year students in the UCSF/UCB Bioengineering program who have a stated interest in neuroscience and/or neuroengineering.