Community Activities and Support

Core Facilitites

Center for Advanced Multi-Photon Microscopy

The Kavli IFN supports the newly created Center for Advanced Multi-Photon Microscopy (CAMM)The center was founded by Dr. Graeme Davis and has expanded to include several multi-photon and spinning disk confocal microscopes. All of these systems are assembled on upright microscope platforms to facilitate work in intact organisms, including image analysis in the awake behaving rodent. All imaging systems are constructed with potential for integrated electrophysiology and micromanipulation. We are in the process of updating one of the systems with the most advance Coherent laser, enabling imagine deep into the mammalian brain. The concept is that each microscope system could be temporarily modified to enable a spectrum of experiments. The creation of a multi-photon optical imaging center enables users to enter and keep pace with the ongoing revolution in imaging probes and technology, lowering the entry barrier to this type science, which is normally prohibitive. Kavli funds are essential to sustain the core facility and enable the core facility to achieve the widest possible utility for the greatest number of Kavli faculty.

KIFN DEI Committee

KIFN has established a fund to support goals of enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion within the fundamental neuroscience community at UCSF. Ongoing activities include quarterly DEI socials. This fund is directed by a new KIFN diversity committee.

UCSF Neuroscience Program Enrichment

The KIFN currently helps to defray the costs associated with recruitment of exceptional international students to the UCSF Neuroscience Graduate Program. 

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